Frequently Asked Questions and Our Answers

The attic power ventilators we install are the equivalent of ½ ton of free air-conditioning! Cooling down the 130-degree attic just above your head causes your air conditioner to run a lot less.

Are very common in air-conditioning systems here in the southeast. Whether in the air handler alone or also in the ductwork, mold naturally emits spores into the air and directly into your living space. Not good for people with allergies. Not good anytime, really. We have a cure for that. Our UV light products destroy organic matter as it lives within or passes through your air system.

We heard a lot about that! Let us know what size you need and whatever type you want.

All air-conditioning equipment manufactured after January 2010 utilizes R410 Puron Refrigerant. If your air-conditioning/heat pump system needs replacement, it will contain this refrigerant, and require it for future service.

If your air conditioner/heat pump was manufactured prior to January 2010, odds are that your system uses R22 (Freon) for operation. This refrigerant is still in plentiful supply as it will continue to be produced for years to come.