Mechanical Inspections are very popular and a good idea when you are considering a new home. Our inspections are very thorough and we provide you with a detailed report with the performance and mechanical condition of the heating and cooling system. This service provides peace of mind and informs you if expensive repairs are going to be needed. This service is offered at $129.00 per HVAC system.

Preventative Maintenance keeps your system running trouble free as it was designed. All Brand Manufacturers require yearly maintainence to keep your equipment in warrenty. Richmond Hill Air Conditioning provides this service.
No Matter What Brand You Have or Who Installed It.

Our inspection includes the following checks:

Proper Voltage Amperage

Clean Condenser Coil

Correct Refrigerant Charge

Belt Drives and Pulleys

Clean Evaporator Coil

Heat Exchanger (Gas Furnace)

Lubricate Motors

Tighten All Electrical Connections

Clean Contactor and Open Relays

Thermostat Operation and
Anticipator Setting

Blower Assembly

Electric Strip Heaters

Visible Refrigerant Leaks

Excessive Vibration and Balance

Fan Limit Switch / High Temp Limit

Reversing Valve (Heat Pump)

Clean Condensate Drain

Adjust Burners (Gas Furnace)

Test Defrost Controls (Heat Pump)

Our Preventative Maintenance Service is a comprehensive mechanical inspection and is offered at $129.00

Any additional systems will be $79.00
Any parts needing replacement will be brought to the owners attention.
Priority Service for Previous Customers
If you should happen to have a problem with your air conditioning system, our service technicians will respond to your call as a higher priority. We service our existing customers first.

Existing customers automatically receive 15% off of labor and repair parts.
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